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This user based bunker platform will save you time and money. Intuitively designed it brings the maritime industry to the future. Get in touch with us and sign up today.

Bunker pricing the modern way

Convince yourself from our MyBunkers platform benefits:


Real time auction tool, speeding up buying process, optimising prices


All documentation in one place, with access to your different departments


Your own personalised data analytics tool, to overview & reduce costs


Influence on pricing

Users generate a fluid, realtime market index which becomes the benchmark to beat


Full time operational support, monitoring supplies


Future route planning tool, reducing consumption

The idea behind the MyBunkers platform

Our industry loses nearly 10 billions due to inefficiencies: countless hours of waiting around ending up with ever changing suboptimal prices and frustration. 

While other industries evolved and have stepped into the digital age to level up their businesses, the simple act of buying fuel for bunkers is still made highly complicated. Time to pull the switch and take a leap to the future of bunkering. That’s when our team of traders, data scientists, developers and designers came together to make bunkering easier than ever with MyBunkers – the go-to bunker pricing and buying solution: useful, intuitive and meeting the highest technical standards.

With our company based in Hamburg – the free Hanseatic harbour city – we can provide you the perfect set up to not only assist you with bunker fueling, but also support your business with sustainable data based decisions.

The team



Co-Founder & CEO
sailor, bunker trader, broker


Co Founder & CTO
data engineer


CO-Founder & CIO
data scientist



Co-Founder & CPO
frontend developer



CO-Founder & CMO
brand manager

Bunker the fast and easy way.

Save time for the really important matters of your business. 
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